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"The relationship is the communication bridge between people."

- Alfred Kadushin, PhD., Social Worker Pioneer

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Communication Chemistry - Available Now!

Communication Chemistry Joan M. Boneberg, M.S., CCC-SLP, Certified Speech Pathologist and Communication Coach brings clarity to the process of interpersonal communication-the most fundamental of human skills and something we've all learned to do but were never formally taught. By breaking down the process into its essential elements, Communication Chemistry® gives the reader a framework for understanding how the elements work together. The book is designed to allow the reader to easily identify areas for improvement and provides practical examples and exercises to create an effective and compelling communication style.

Communication Chemistry® can be used as a simple study guide, a reference for presentation preparation, a framework for professional, social and personal interactions, as well as guide for post-communication analysis.

The book also includes a quick reference chart of the essential elements in the context of the three stages of the communication process-preparation, delivery and interaction. This allows the reader to evaluate where to reinforce and improve their own communication style and how to become effective in every communication endeavor.


Publishing as a Marketing Strategy - Available Now!

Publishing as a Marketing Strategy Book Cover Publishing a book is like presenting a very large business card to your audience; it introduces you, explains your area of expertise and provides a channel for follow-up questions. You have the knowledge and the drive.

With this book, you will have the information you need to add that very large business card to your marketing arsenal to position yourself to be known as the expert you are. Writing a book clarifies your thinking, builds credibility and works every day to deliver your message with authority.

Authors: Joan Boneberg, Bonnie Daneker, Robin Hensley, Vanessa Lowry, Ahmad Meradji and Anita Paul.


Co-hosting interviews with author Tim Morrison

Joan Boneberg co-hosting interviews with author Tim MorrisonJoan Boneberg co-hosting interviews with author Tim Morrison for Atlanta Business Radio at the Global Chamber of Commerce Event






Interviews with Diane Bogino


Tele-Seminar - How to be a great listener

Use the audio player below to hear Joan discuss the area of immersion listening®

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Goergia Speaker"Your Voice, Your Livelihood" by Joan Boneberg

This article highlights the importance of a healthy voice for professional success, knowing the signs of vocal stress and strain and how to keep your voice healthy for effective communication.

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"Communication Chemistry"® - Johns Creek Herald

Communication Chemistry - Johns Creek HeraldRead this news feature which spotlights Joan’s book, “Communication Chemistry”® and the impact communication skills has on professional success.

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