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"Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success."

- Paul Meyer, Author

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Board Certified Speech Pathologist and Communication Coach, Joan M. Boneberg, M.S., CCC-SLP,  brings clarity to the process of interpersonal communication, the most foundational skill for professional and personal success.  By breaking down the process into essential elements, Communication Chemistry® gives the reader a framework for understanding how the elements work together.  The book is designed to allow the reader to easily identify areas for improvement and provides practical examples and exercises to create a more effective professional and personal communication style.

Communication Chemistry® can be used as a simple study guide, a reference for the sales process, presentation preparation, a framework for everyday interactions, as well as a guide for post communication analysis.

The book also includes a quick reference chart of the essential elements in the context of the communication process-preparation, delivery and interaction. This chart allows the reader to evaluate where to reinforce and improve their own communication skills as well as how to become a more compelling communicator in business and every day interactions.

Fig. 1: Essential Communication Elements

The essential elements are divided into the three stages of the communication process: preparation, delivery and interaction. The study and use of these elements are vital for compelling communication to occur.

Essential Elements of Communication


Fig. 2: Communication Element 1

The narrative below discusses the first essential and foundational element, Think. Thinking about your core message requires sufficient time and effort whether it is in the written or verbal form of communication. This element can be easily overlooked which unfortunately can lead to a less than compelling message.