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"Communication works for those who work at it."

John Powell, Composer

Success in Business Calls for Effective Communication Skills

Today"s business environment is the most complex and competitive it has ever been.  In these challenging times, being adequate or good just isn't enough.  Many times, one needs to be exceptional to catch the attention of potential clients.  Quality of product, service, and follow through are essential to increase and maintain client base.  The area of business that many entrepreneurs fail to focus on is their communication skills.  Communication typically isn't an area that gets much attention unless it is a glaring problem noted on a performance evaluation.  Sometimes knowledge in one's profession isn't always enough  to be successful.  The ability to impart knowledge through effective communication is vital.  Without effective and authentic communication in marketing, sales and client relationships will suffer.  Successful professionals build client relationships based on trust, integrity and professionalism which are nurtured through effort and care but also through effective communication.

Successful professionals build client relationships based on trust, integrity and professionalism and these are nurtured not only through effort and care but through effective communication.  Having knowledge about communication skills is not enough. One has to be motivated and willing  to apply that knowledge in one’s everyday interactions with clients and colleagues.

One of the most neglected communication skills is listening. Authentic or immersion listening® is receiving a message with empathy and without prejudgment while being totally present to your communication partner. This type of approach demonstrates to the speaker the characteristics of an engaged and motivated listener that a trusted relationship can develop from.

Nonverbal communication, which is responsible for 80%-90% of an individual’s true communication intent is often overlooked as well.  Nonverbal communication includes posture, arm, leg, hand movements as well as breathing patterns can be important indicators of what an individual is really communicating. When interacting with someone it is very important to have knowledge of nonverbal communication patterns to enable one to receive the communication intent beyond the words that are spoken. It is also very important to use body language as a means to enrich one's own communication.  When building a client base, it is important not only to tell them your message but confirm it through aligned body language.

Polished speaking skills are a necessity as well.  If one cannot express himself with clarity and conciseness clients will not tend to place their trust and confidence in that individual. Whether one is explaining the requirements of opening a particular type of checking account to a client, conducting a department meeting or making a presentation at the annual shareholders meeting, speaking with confidence and clarity is essential.

Effective communication skills should be a goal and priority for everyone whether it's in business, social or personal situations.  You will not only gain self-confidence but effectiveness as well.